004 Online Bookkeeping and the Coconut Banking App

The $100 Dollar Startup by Chris Guillebeau, this week’s recommendation from listener, Matt Badenoch.

This week’s episode was inspired by a post in our Facebook group, started by Natasha. She shared a link to the forthcoming business banking app, Coconut and it started a great discussion about online accounting software and book keeping in general.

So for this episode I spoke to accountant Jonathan Ford about the best ways to do your bookkeeping and also contacted Sam O’Connor, the co-founder and CEO of Coconut to find out more about the app.

We also features a preview of next week’s episode featuring Graphic Designer Robbie May, discussing his career and the Laces Out trainer festival that he created.

Finally London Wedding Photographer Matt Badenoch tells us why he’s a big fan of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau 



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